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Understanding Encompassing Health: A Simple Guide

Understanding Encompassing Health: A Simple Guide

February 14, 20243 min read

Understanding Encompassing Health: A Simple Guide

What is Encompassing Health?

Encompassing Health, or EH, is a program that helps keep people healthy and takes care of them when they get sick. It's like a health superhero! EH doesn't replace any other health insurance people might have; instead, it adds extra benefits to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy.

How Does it Work?

EH uses something called the Affordable Care Act and Section 125 to make sure everyone can get good health care. The Affordable Care Act is a law that helps make sure everyone in America can have health insurance and see a doctor when they need to. Section 125 is another law that lets people pay for their health insurance before taxes, which means they save money!

What are the Benefits?

For Employees:

- If they have to stay in the hospital, EH helps pay for it.

- Employees get more money in their paychecks.

For Employees and Their Families:

- They can see a doctor online anytime they need to.

- They can get important tests to check their health.

- EH also helps pay for prescriptions and saves money on things like dentist visits and eye checkups.

For Employers:

- It helps them find and keep good workers.

- Employers save money on taxes, which helps them run their business better.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who works, whether they work full-time, part-time, or even just sometimes, can join EH. As long as they make at least $17,500 a year and don't have too many taxes taken out of their paycheck, they can be part of the program.

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How Do People Sign Up?

Signing up for EH is easy because it's done through their job's payroll system. People don't have to do anything; they're automatically enrolled based on how much money they make and how many taxes they pay. If they don't want to be in the program, they can choose to not join.

How Do People Get More Money in Their Paychecks?

EH adds two things to people's paychecks: the EH premium and the EH claims payment. This makes their paychecks bigger! They get the extra money by doing things to stay healthy, like reading health tips in emails or texts.

How Do Employers Save Money?

When people in EH pay less in taxes, their bosses also pay less in taxes. This helps employers save money too, which they can use to make their business better.

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How is Encompassing Health Paid For?

Even though EH doesn't cost anything extra, it still has to be paid for. The money for EH comes from the taxes people save and from the taxes employers save. That way, everyone helps pay for the program without spending extra money.

How Will Encompassing Health Start?

EH will start by teaching everyone about the program. They'll send emails and talk to people to explain how it works and how it will make their lives better. They'll also help businesses set up their payroll so everything runs smoothly.

In the end, Encompassing Health is all about making sure everyone stays healthy and happy without spending too much money. It's like having a friend who looks out for you and helps you when you need it most!

Understanding Encompassing Health: A Simple Guide
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